Portfolio Companies

Aether Therapeutics

Aether Therapeutics is developing a new class of therapeutics to prevent neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) in mothers abusing opioids and in creating the next generation of non-addictive pain medications. Our compound 6BMX, a main metabolite of the FDA-approved naltrexone, is a highly potent, orally available, peripherally selective neutral opioid antagonist with a high safety profile.

Casalova (exited)

Your one stop place for any real estate or rental property searches in Canada.


Dwelo is the platform for smart apartments. Managers save time through automations, owners capture strong returns and residents live in the future. Found nationwide in 17 cities and thousands of apartments. Undertaking the largest smart apartment integration project in history in 25,000 apartments with Alliance Residential.


Juice-BX is developing innovative charging stations for phones, IoT and other smart devices. Our state-of-the-art charging kiosks, community app, and software solutions will drive foot traffic, sales, and customer affinity while also serving as an advertising platform. Power Up. Stay Connected.

Klaren Technologies

Klaren made the discovery that low energy electrons under the appropriate conditions could have sterilizing effects on surfaces, after being challenged by a neurosurgery group to find an alternative sterilization technology which would be able to provide sterilization in times short enough to be useful during a surgery, so that medical instruments and implants, such as screws etc. could be sterilized during a surgery if they were dropped.

Leaseful (exited)

Leaseful is a safe and simple way to find temporary housing across the country.

Moterum Technologies

Creators of the iStride(TM) post-stroke gait rehabilitation device. Designing, developing, and testing high impact products in the field of mobility and rehabilitation.

Mμ Therapeutics

Mμ Therapeutics is developing a novel polyvalent vaccine to cover a comprehensive range of opioid receptor addictions, including heroin, morphine, and a host of prescription pain medications, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, and codeine.


Digital currencies that just make sense.


Skyrise is a tenant engagement platform for commercial office buildings.


Enterprise Financial Technology


International Fiber-optic Telecommunications Systems


Food Science / Consumer Packaged Good


Consumer Financial Technology


Smart Mobility


Smart Agriculture


Incentivized Sustainability

Warter's Facemask

Significantly improve airway management in the ER and OR.